Aluminum circles

Aluminum circles

Generally, the common aluminum circles are mainly 1050 O or 1050 semi-hard, which will not crack during the stamping and spinning in the later production process. The electrical appliances and pots are produced by the circles. It has good heat dissipation, no rust, light material and long service life.

Aluminum circles are a product obtained through deep processing of aluminum plates. Nowadays, the demand in foreign markets is relatively large, and most of the domestically produced aluminum cicles are exported to all parts of the world. The surface of the aluminum circle is bright and beautiful, and it can be shaped and surface treated.

It is produced from coils into aluminum discs in one step, so the products made by this process are not scratched and have very large dimensions. It is mainly used in the production of automobiles, boats, refrigerators, cooking utensils, lamps, etc. It is widely used in industries. Because of the advantages of good surface quality, high elongation, and no color difference in anodizing, it can also be deep-drawn or stretched to produce different products, so the future market prospects are very broad. The aluminum circle has a smooth surface and no scratches, so many of them are used in the production of pressure cookers, kitchen utensils, lamps, etc..

The molds for the production of aluminum circles are very complete. Aluminum circles of different thicknesses and diameters can be provided. Customers are welcome for consultation.

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