Product advantages and characteristics of color coated aluminum coil

Product advantages and characteristics of color coated aluminum coil

     At present, the existence of color coated aluminum coil on the market is one of the more popular products in the aluminum market, because of its high cost performance, so it is widely used in aluminum ceiling, roof surface, edge material, cans, aluminum veneer these aspects.

What is a color coated aluminum roll? That is, the aluminum coil surface coating coloring treatment, color coated aluminum coil surface after treatment, can ensure that the quality of 30 years unchanged! Below, let's take a look at the product advantages and characteristics of color-coated aluminum rolls.

1. Advanced Technology and High Folding Resistance

The raw materials such as aluminum, plastic and adhesive used in the color coated aluminum coil are high-quality products, and are processed by advanced composite technology. Therefore, in the four-season climate, changes in wind pressure, temperature, humidity, etc., do not cause problems such as bending, deformation, and expansion.

2, Rich in Color, Strong Decoration

The color coated aluminum coil has a realistic material feel and a fresh natural beauty. Can be customized, give customers more personalized choices and more aesthetic enjoyment according to customer needs.

3, Strong Weather Resistance, Color Stability

The lacquer pattern formed by high-temperature baking after smearing has high gloss retention, good color stability, and minimal chromatic aberration.

In summary, the product advantages and characteristics of the color coated aluminum coil, we can easily find that the performance of the aluminum coil is very stable, not easy to be corroded, and the unit volume is light. At the same time, its color is also very rich, playing a very good role in the decoration and decoration industry.

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