The difference between hot rolled and cast rolled in aluminum strip

The difference between hot rolled and cast rolled in aluminum strip

          The main difference between hot rolled and cast rolled is the difference in production process.

Hot rolled material: Aluminum ingot--melting and casting into flat ingot--milling surface--homogeneous annealing--hot rolling into strip.

Casting and rolling: aluminum ingot--smelting--rolling into strip by casting mill.

In comparison, the casting and rolling stock production efficiency is high, but defects such as composition segregation and inclusion are not easy to solve, and the quality is not as good as hot rolling.

1.        The casting layer of the cast strip is in the shape of a feather-shaped columnar crystal. The hot rolling is a processed structure with more than 90% thermal deformation, and synchronous recrystallization during hot rolling, so the grain of the strip is fine, all performance is uniform. The problem brought about by this is that the deep processing performance (deep drawing, bending performance, etc.) of the product has a large difference between the casting and rolling methods and the hot rolling method.

2.         Hot-rolling blanking can also weld some defects of the ingot such as looseness, shrinkage cavity and intergranular micro-crack, etc., without causing subsequent processing of internal structural defects; and casting and rolling strips do not have such an advantage. Moreover, in the subsequent processing, the casting defects cannot be completely eliminated, and when the thin strip products are rolled, defects such as capillary cracks are easily generated, which affects the processing quality of the product.

3.        The casting and rolling methods are relatively low compared with the hot rolling method, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the hot rolling method requires a relatively high investment in the heating furnace and the hot rolling mill.

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