Aluminum strips for cans

Aluminum strips for cans

Aluminum cans are the most commonly used beverage packaging materials in daily life. Aluminum strips for cans are mainly composed of three different components of aluminum alloy: 3004 alloy can body, 5052 alloy can cover, 5182 alloy pull ring. Aluminum alloy is the key to making cans. The unformed can body and the inability to pull the ring of the can lid are all problems with aluminum alloy.

The lid of the aluminum strip for cans is made of 5052 alloy, and the pull ring is made of 5182 alloy. Alloy 5052 and alloy 5182 are both aluminum-magnesium alloys, both of which have good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength, and their surfaces are very bright after polishing. However, the 5182 alloy has a higher magnesium content than the 5052 alloy, and a small amount of silicon is added, so the weldability is better than that of the 5052 alloy. Therefore, the 5052 alloy is mostly used for can lids and the 5182 alloy is mostly used for pull rings.

The body of the aluminum strip for cans is mainly made of 3004 alloy, which is a variant of 3003 alloy. It has good formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. It is mostly used for processing and requires good formability and high corrosion resistance. Good solderability products. Because aluminum itself has good oxidation resistance, it is used in the can body to prevent the oxidation and corrosion of carbonated beverages on the can body.

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