Introduction and application of diffusion aluminum plate

Introduction and application of diffusion aluminum plate


The diffusion aluminum plate is an aluminum-silicon alloy plated steel sheet in which the aluminum content is 90% and the silicon is 10%.

Automotive industry: mufflers, exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, heat shields, reactor components and manifold covers.

Construction, agricultural and mining machinery: Diesel muffler and heat shield, lawn mower and other garden machinery muffler.

Home Appliances: Oven, microwave oven, rice cooker, multi-function cooker, slow cooker, toaster, electric water heater, electric hot water bottle, disinfection cabinet, air conditioner, heat exchanger, electric heater, dryer, lighting, etc.


Gas and fuel products: gas water heaters, gas rice cookers, gas stoves, fire exhaust burners, gas ovens, gas kitchen equipment, oil boilers, kerosene stoves, kerosene heaters, etc.

Kitchen utensils: frying pan, boiling water kettle, baking tray, cookie tray, etc.

Outdoor products: barbecue pits, barbecue appliances, charcoal stoves, collection/exhaust ports, chimneys.

Building products: Covers, walls, ceilings, etc.

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