The difference between PS sheet and CTP sheet

The difference between PS sheet and CTP sheet

                     Compared with traditional PS, CTP has the following advantages:

1.     The performance of the outlets is excellent, and it can restore 1%-99% of the outlets, which can reproduce the details of the prints well, and the traditional PS can't match such a subtle dot.

2.     CTP's ink-and-water balance performance is much better than that of the conventional PS. It requires only a small amount of dampening solution to achieve a good ink-and-wash balance. The printed ink is thick and bright.

3.     Because the CTP version is a computer-made plate, the registration accuracy is much higher than the traditional PS version. Only a small amount of overprint paper is needed for printing. This is an effective way to reduce costs for enterprises.

4.     Since CTP changed the production process of the plate, the multi-layer sand processing process was used, and the plate produced was almost free of dirty spots. The printed matter we got was very clean, and the traditional PS plate decided to dry out due to its inherent production process. The version has a lot of dirty spots. The printing master needs a lot of time to fix the dirt when printing, which wastes time and affects the printing quality.

5.     CTP version because of the good balance of ink and water, very little water can meet the printing requirements, so the ink line is very obvious, the internal force of the two phases is relatively large, the ink emulsification is very slight, the printed print is very beautiful, the edge of the dot is very sharp.

Advantages of the PS version:

1. The shelf life can be up to 1 year.

2, can be mass production, short production cycle, low cost.

3, easy to use, to meet the requirements of high-speed printing.

4, the network point is good, and the quality of color prints is improved.

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