What are the raw materials commonly used for brushed aluminum plates

What are the raw materials commonly used for brushed aluminum plates

           The brushed aluminum plate is a manufacturing process in which the aluminum plate is repeatedly scraped out of the line by sandpaper, and the process flow is mainly divided into three parts: de-esterification, sanding machine and water washing.

Brushed aluminum plates are widely used in daily life for brushed aluminum composite panels, fireproof panels, aluminum photo frames, boutique cabinets, boutique doors and windows, veneers, signs, lighting, interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, luggage, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other fields. . What kind of raw materials are used in the brushed aluminum plate? Let's take a look at it.

1, Pure aluminum plate

Pure aluminum plate is one of the most commonly used raw materials for the production of brushed aluminum plates, and it is one of the largest raw materials we use in industrial production. Pure aluminum plates have a high aluminum content. We use a series of production processes in our industrial production to process our aluminum ore and finally produce aluminum plates that can be used in industrial production. Since the cost of pure aluminum plates is relatively low compared to the cost of alloy aluminum plates, pure aluminum plates have become the most commonly used aluminum products for processing.

2, Aluminum alloy plate

Adding other metals to a metal can change the properties of the metal, such as color and hardness. Since there are some special requirements for the hardness and color of the brushed aluminum plate in many fields, the alloy aluminum plate is used in the production. The use of alloy aluminum plates enables the materials produced to have more vivid colors, such as red, green and other colors used in decoration, and also makes our materials more rigid and suitable for mechanical manufacturing.

The common raw materials for the brushed aluminum plate are roughly the above two. The technical requirements in the process of drawing the aluminum plate are not very high. As long as the corresponding raw materials are purchased, the fine brushed aluminum plate can be manufactured.

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